About Bucomac

We shape the future of technology

From its inception in 1976, Bucomac’s inspiring journey from a family-run facility with a single mould, to becoming the construction behemoth of today, producing over 220,000 blocks daily, in multiple state-of-the-art facilities, is the result of having a clear vision combined with professional planning, and increasing modern management systems.

Bucomac’s growth and success has resulted from two strategic approaches:
•    Putting human excellence first and foremost – our valued team of 300 professionals are continuously encouraged to perform to their full potential.  
•    Regular investment in the latest, cutting-edge technology, diminishing the time required to change moulds, and facilitating faster and higher production rates.

Bucomac’s foresight and ability to adopt different strategies has consistently met the demand for superior quality concrete blocks, generated by the construction industry’s exponential growth. As a by-product of Bucomac’s vision and standards, products have been developed that have exceeded expectations, both technically and aesthetically, helping to manufacture creative and practical new projects, that previously weren’t possible. 

Our stringent quality control procedures, together with fully automated production processes, guarantee high product standards, which cater to the needs of architects, consultants, developers, and local authorities. It’s no coincidence therefore, that for over four decades Bucomac has secured a reputation for consistently delivering high quality products and services, achieving a loyal customer base, and a grand portfolio of significant projects constructed across the UAE and Gulf region.


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