As we bid farewell to the remarkable year that was 2023, it brings us immense pleasure to reflect upon the extraordinary achievements of our dedicated employees who have truly excelled in their respective roles. On 29th January 2024Bucomac take great pride in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions that have shaped Bucomac's success over the past year.

The Bucomac Excellence Awards serve as a testament to the hard work, commitment, and passion exhibited by individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. These exceptional team members have not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating unparalleled dedication to our shared goals and values.

Extra Mile Award - Mr. Isaful Karim

Silent Performer Award - Mr. Suleman Mirza

2O Years Long Service Award - Mr. Juned Khatib

2O Years Long Service Award - Mr. Mohd. Arief

Lifetime Service Award - Mr. Cleman Fernandez

Sales Performer of the Year 2023 - Mr. Resmil Kader

Manager of the Year 2023 - Ms. Charanjeet Kaur

Employee of the Year 2023 - Mr. Shivraj Kumar



We enjoyed the evening, shared some laughter, and recognized the outstanding efforts that make our company what it is. Without further delay, we made this Annual Party Dinner a night filled with celebration and camaraderie!