Bucomac Dinner Party & Awarding Night 2022


Recognition for Best Performers 2022 event brought us together to have fun and celebrate our achievements in the presence of Mr. Ayman Ahmed, CEO of Bukhatir Group (Industries, Trading and Services) and Engr. Mazen Assaf, GM of Bucomac. The evening was filled with immense joy and happiness as our employees joined us for the dinner event and the subsequent gift distribution. At Bucomac, employee empowerment is a core value; the right culture is paramount for success in all aspects of business, giving way to excellent customer service, brand longevity, and increased loyalty.


                EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR 2022                                       SALES PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 2022

                   MR. THANOOJ VARUGHESE                                              MR. MOHAMMED SALEEM ARAKKAL



                 MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2022                            LIFE ACHIEVEMENT SERVICE AWARD (25 YEARS)

                       MR. ABDUL QAYYUM                                                               MR. PAHINDAR SHAFI